From Lex Mod
Beguile Sofa and Loveseat $1534Engage Armchairs and Sofa 10 colors $1882Remark sofa and loveseat 6 colors $1011Response Sofa 9 colors $868
If you are shopping for mid century modern style furniture, your first stop should be Lex Mod, which is a simple and straight forward website entirely devoted to the singular subject of mid century modern style furniture. You will find mid century style sofas, loveseats, and lounge chairs sold in both sets and individually, in up to 10 colors, and at reasonable prices which all include shipping. Sofas range in price from around 4700 to $900, and you will find the entire Lippa table line from $100 to $400, so you will be able to do a one stop shop for all your decorating needs. As you look at other websites that sell the same or similar product lines you may notice that Lex Mod has both the entire product lines, and the lowest prices on it, so is likely the original source for these items.